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About Spark Talent Acquisition:

Spark Talent Acquisition Inc. differentiates itself from our competitors by listening and understanding our clients first. We believe in face to face interaction and having an understanding of our clients business prior to placing any of our employee’s onsite. We believe that this drives for a more efficient, effective, and safe work force. This also helps us to match candidates with the right company. Our goal is not to match candidates based off of skill set alone, but also off of the culture. We have found great success in matching client/candidate not only by skill set, but also based off of shared values.

Being available 24/7 is what sets us apart from our competition. We are available throughout normal business hours and are set up to accommodate any off shift needs at the same time. Staffing and Recruiting is a 24/7 responsibility. We must be available if our clients or contractors need us. We understand this because without our availability our clients business is at risk and that is something that we will not leave to chance. Cell phone numbers can be provided to all supervisors or hiring managers for our clients to ensure we come through on this promise.

Treat People How You Want to be Treated

This sounds simple, and it is. This is something we live by. Whether it is returning a call, helping people with their resumes, letting them know we appreciate their hard work, etc. Every client and every person will be treated with honesty and respect.