5 Reasons Your Company Should Invest in a Recruiting Firm

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1. You Will Save Time
It’s easy to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, especially when you’re part of a growing company. Needs and responsibilities are constantly changing and becoming more demanding; now let’s add the task of searching for qualified candidates to join your team. But wait, it doesn’t just stop at the search – you have to get through initial conversation, reference calls, interviewing, and then narrowing down your choices. Finally, you get to the hiring steps – this is where on-boarding begins: drug tests, background checks, paperwork, etc.

All of this can distract or take away from the time it takes to operate your growing company. So, why not give this important task to a recruiter who specializes in hiring?

Using a recruiter allows you and your team to focus on growing the core business, and be able to continue doing what you specialize in. Your recruiter will not only be able to source and select qualified candidates, but they will also narrow that list to a few top choices, or even one candidate that truly stands out. On top of that relief of not having to find the talent yourself, your recruiting firm will complete all of the necessary on-boarding processes so you don’t have to.

2. Recruiters Provide Industry Expertise

The thing about recruiters is that they are constantly improving their skills and developing their approaches. When you partner with a recruiter, you are getting a person who is truly an expert in the industry. They are sourcing qualified candidates through various channels, going through a thorough pre-screening process, and presenting their top picks to you.

Your recruiter is consistently maintaining and growing a pipeline of great talent that they can share with you. You know you’ll be getting great quality because, well, why wouldn’t you? Your recruiter wants to succeed as much as you want to succeed. Providing top-tier talent to your company is a win-win!

3. You Don’t Ever Have to Settle for Just “OK”

As mentioned earlier, you have a lot on your plate. Hiring is time-consuming and can be overwhelming. Finding the right talent takes time and the experience to know how to search through the candidates who just barely fit the criteria to candidates that stand out among others.

So what about the recruiters that say they will find you the “perfect fit” or the “exact fit”? At Spark Talent Acquisition, our CEO – Aaron Opalewski has something to say about that:

“If you hear that, RUN! Truth be told – with unemployment at all-time lows, not even the best recruiter can find the exact fit for you every time.”

He makes a good point. Your top choice candidate may not check off every box, but they should have the qualities that are most important. Aaron also had this to say,

“What they should be able to do is find someone that can hit the ground running, is capable of doing the core skills of a role, fits the company culture, and is truly going to be in a winning situation by taking the position.”

4. You’re Granted Access to a Network of Evolving Candidates

Relationship building is truly what makes or breaks a great recruiter. Your recruiter will need to have the right skills to understand that relationships take work; keeping in contact with candidates who may not be actively searching at the moment, are passively searching, or would be open to taking a new opportunity given the right circumstances – particularly if it was their dream job.

Recognizing this quality in a recruiter isn’t difficult. They’re someone who communicates with their existing network frequently – checking in to see if their needs have changed, if they’re seeking new opportunities more actively than they have been recently, keeping resumes updated with most recent experience, etc. On top of building their existing relationships, they’re actively sourcing for new candidates to keep in their back pocket. The best recruiters have a long-term focus in mind. They’re focused on the future of the candidate as well as how this candidate is going to impact your business in the long-run.

“You want to position yourself to work with someone who approaches recruiting as an everyday practice. Your recruiter should have long-term goals and a sense of urgency in finding the best talent. They should ALWAYS be recruiting.”

5. Great Hires Pay for Themselves

The right candidate makes all the difference; when considering the cost of going through a recruiting firm to bring on new talent, think about the investment that you are putting in to your company. There’s an initial investment – yes, but take into consideration that the right candidate will deliver your company a return on that investment over and over again.

“Any investment that has potential to make an organization ten times, one hundred times, even over 1000 times the initial investment is a no-brainer.”

Remember to do your research and partner with a recruiting firm that is truly going to think about your needs and find the best talent that is going to be a great investment for you in the long-run.

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