How Your Company Will Save Time and Money by Working with a Recruiting Agency

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Okay, so you’ve got an opening at your company for a new employee. You need someone just as great if not better than the last valuable employee you had in this role. This a stressful time, yet a moment of opportunity. You can spend your time and your resources searching high and low for the right candidate, or you can call your recruiting agency, and delegate the responsibility to them.

Finding Talent Yourself

Here’s where the opportunity comes in to play: think about the amount of time it takes to find even just one candidate who may or may not be the best fit for your company. That includes creating a job posting, spanning it across multiple jobs boards, and waiting for applicants. Depending on the type of position and how niche the experience needed, this could take a while. Or, you would get flooded with candidates, but this isn’t always a good thing. That means sorting through resumes of candidates of all skill levels until you hopefully find one that stands out.

Once you’ve gotten here, you go through the screening process, interviewing, and hopefully get to the offer stage. This can look different for every position though, depending on how thorough you need to be. Say you get to this point and now you make an offer, possibly negotiate on pay rate, and get to on-boarding.

How much time has this taken? How much money has your company lost by not having this vital position filled in a timely manner? What could you have accomplished in the time-frame spent on trying to find a new team member? How can you approach this more efficiently and save yourself and your company the time and expertise that could be put to better use?

Utilize Your Recruiter

Do you have a consistent process for going through 100’s even 1000’s of applications? The responsibility of screening, interviewing, making an offer, and on-boarding candidates can all be delegated to your recruiting partner. Great recruiters have a pipeline of potential candidates they are in constant communication with. Since their sourcing and relationship building is happening regularly, it’s likely they know a candidate with a skill set and experience that could be suitable to your company’s needs.

This means you get to focus on the other parts of your role that are in need of attention. Recruiters act as the main point of contact for both your company and your potential candidates through the interview and on-boarding process. The recruiter will communicate feedback to the candidate, as well as decline them if they turn out to not be the right fit. This means you don’t need to have these lengthy/tough conversations with the candidate. You provide your thoughts and feedback, and your recruiter does the rest. This ensures a good candidate experience and allows you to stay out of the follow up with both qualified and non-qualified candidates.

Leave It to the Experts

Great recruiters are skilled in finding candidates that match the important criteria provided in the job description, ensuring your time isn’t spent on much training for the position. The right candidate should already be well-versed in what is expected of them. Through continued communication and consistently developing relationships, recruiters can help to increase retention in the workplace. If there’s an issue, recruiters can act as mediators to ensure the issue is resolved.

You can be assured that with a recruiter, you will have a new team member that will remain engaged through the interview/hiring process. If they don’t seem invested – they’re not consistent with communication and don’t seem eager to get through their on-boarding process to begin their new opportunity, your recruiter will know that candidate probably isn’t what’s best for your company’s needs, especially long-term.

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