Our Leadership Team

Aaron Opalewski

Founder/ Chief Executive Officer

Aaron is a driven entrepreneur, focused on our purpose of creating opportunities for others. He joined the recruiting industry in 2007. His experience has impacted the performance and profitability of hundreds of companies and thousands of people. Aaron is passionate about the development of people and lives by Sparks core values. He founded Spark Talent Acquisition in the fall of 2013 with Vice President of Sales, Fletcher Kundtz. His mission has been and continues to be to create opportunities across the entire country. He is focused on continuous improvement, personal development, and being different as well as living by the golden rule. Treat people how you want to be treated. aopalewski@sparktalentinc.com

Fletcher Kundtz

Chief Revenue Officer

Fletcher is a versatile, strategic Sales/Staffing Leader bringing over a decade of experience. He is passionate about coaching our Sales Executives across the nation in a variety of industries by providing guidance, training, and support. He plays an active role in client development by fostering key relationships and high-level service delivery. He is motivated by building an innovative and solutions/results driven team that exceeds client expectations. He prides himself in working closely with clients, acting as an extension of their organizations, to help them achieve their goals and has a proven history of over-achievement in driving revenue growth and client retention. fkundtz@sparktalentinc.com

Jacob Patrico

Vice President of Recruiting

Jacob is a dedicated leader, coach, recruiter and friend who is driven with the mission to create an excellent experience for team members and clients. He joined the recruiting industry in 2015 as Spark Talent’s first Intern. Through his years with Spark, he has helped develop recruiters, cultivate strong relationship with external team members and clients. Jacob is passionate about the development of recruiters and mentoring the recruiters of the future. Outside of work, Jacob is passionate for his family and enjoys an evening with a cigar and a glass of bourbon. jpatrico@sparktalentinc.com

Kristin Scarth

Senior Director of Recruiting Partner Services

Kristin has almost a decade of combined experience in sourcing, talent acquisition, personalized career services, training and development. As a Vice President, Kristin is responsible for the training and continual education of internal team members to support company growth. She has a passion for leading and mentoring others, resulting in the successful advancement and promotions of co-workers. Kristin joined the recruiting industry in 2013 and has used her drive and commitment to her work to progress from recruiting to leadership. Kristin is passionate about connecting candidates with the right employment opportunity using a personalized and thorough recruiting strategy. kscarth@sparktalentinc.com

Darrell Templeton

Senior Director of National Sales

Darrell has over 25 years providing staffing solutions to companies across the US. He is focused on developing strong partnerships and understands the type of candidates needed to help a company be successful. Darrell takes pride in developing his team to strive for excellence. He understands the importance of finding the right solution to obtain a great experience for the clients and candidates. dtempleton@sparktalentinc.com

Alexandra Spegel

Vice President of Operations

Allie currently oversees Sparks Team Member Experience team, which drives all Human Resource and client service initiatives. Since joining Spark almost 8 years ago, Allie has performed virtually every function within the team. To say that Allie is “people-driven” would be an understatement. She is generally one of the first team members to take on new initiatives to help support the companies’ culture. It’s a rare occasion to see Allie not full of energy and passion. That same passion does not stop with company growth as she is a big advocate in external volunteer efforts and lending a helping hand to anyone that asks! aspegel@sparktalentinc.com

Christina Getz

Director of National Sales

Christina started her career with Spark Talent as a recruiter, was promoted to Account Manager of Automation Technical and Professional positions and is currently the Director of National Sales. She has built strong relationships with clients, team members and candidates. Her positive attitude makes her an enjoyable asset to the team. Christina is passionate about developing her team through continuous coaching and training. She is a team player ready to assist with anything that is asked of her. Christina always finds a way to deliver value. cgetz@sparktalentinc.com

Alexa Gutt

Team Leader, Payroll

Alexa has been with Spark Talent for almost 4 years and has worn multiple hats since joining in 2015. She started her career supporting the front desk and administrative functions and has quickly advanced her career into other areas within our Team Member Experience Team. Currently she is the Team Leader of Payroll and oversees one of the most important functions of our business. Her strengths lie in process improvement, efficiency gains, technology enhancements and striving to ensure our team members are paid correctly! She is a tremendous team player and is always willing to provide support cross functionally. agaravaglia@sparktalentinc.com

Cassandra Graham

Team Leader, Human Resources

Cassandra has been a team member at Spark Talent since 2018 when she started as a Recruiter in the organization and quickly developed a passion for Human Resources – or Team Member Experience, as we like to call it here at Spark Talent. She is driven in motivation by leading the team of on-boarding specialists that she oversees on a day-to-day basis and working to make sure processes are streamlined. She is a dedicated member of not only Spark Talent but also a force behind our Shared Services team, handling new hire on-boarding experience and taking on new initiatives as that department grows. Cassandra has a great passion for growing the team and taking on new creative initiatives to see the company thrive in creating opportunities! cgraham@sparktalentinc.com

Kolette Sherry

Team Leader, Recruiting

Kolette started her staffing career with Spark Talent in 2018 and has always had a passion for developing and coaching individuals to their fullest potential. Whether it be inside the office or inside a gym, she seeks to understand the goals of the individual and implement coaching strategies to ensure information is received correctly, to then aid in the advancement towards said goals. Kolette currently leads a team of associate recruiters, holding them to a high standard of achievement within the industry – as that is how she feels we will continue to separate ourselves as an organization from the rest. Kolette believes that leading by example is the best way to continue to cultivate buy-in from her team and to thus continue to deliver top talent for our clients. ksherry@sparktalentinc.com
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