Our Leadership Team

Aaron Opalewski of Spark Talent

Aaron Opalewski

Founder/ CEO

Aaron is a driven entrepreneur, focused on our purpose of creating opportunities for others. He joined the recruiting industry in 2007. His experience has impacted the performance and profitability of hundreds of companies and thousands of people. Aaron is passionate about the development of people and lives by Sparks core values. He founded Spark Talent Acquisition in the fall of 2013 with Vice President of Sales, Fletcher Kundtz. His mission has been and continues to be to create opportunities across the entire country. He is focused on continuous improvement, personal development, and being different as well as living by the golden rule. Treat people how you want to be treated.


Fletcher Kundtz of Spark Talent

Fletcher Kundtz

Vice President

Fletcher is an experienced Sales/Staffing Leader with a history of over-achievement in driving revenue growth and client retention. He is passionate about coaching our Sales Executives across the nation in a variety of industries. Fletcher is motivated by building an innovative and solutions/results driven team that exceeds client expectations.


Ryan Sobieski of Spark Talent

Ryan Sobieski

Vice President of Recruiting & Development

With a strong passion for innovation and technology, Ryan is a results-driven leader and strategist with over 15 years of experience; impacting the performance and profitability of small – medium sized organizations. By focusing on and driving human development/empowerment, he has helped create and implement structure through HR initiatives, operational change and execution of high-performance teams to accelerate sustainable outcomes. Ryan is a firm advocate in accountability and development. Much of his success has been driven through family, friendships, strong mentors and relationships. Ryan believes that everyone has the direct ability to impact outcomes – it merely depends on personal mindset and decision making.


Allie Spegel of Spark Talent

Alexandra Spegel

Director of Team Member Experience

Allie currently oversees Sparks Team Member Experience team, which drives all Human Resource and client service initiatives. Since joining Spark almost 5 years ago, Allie has performed virtually every function within the team. To say that Allie is “people-driven” would be an understatement. She is generally one of the first team members to take on new initiatives to help support the companies culture. It’s a rare occasion to see Allie not full of energy and passion. That same passion does not stop with company growth as she is a big advocate in external volunteer efforts and lending a helping hand to anyone that asks!



Jamie Platt

Director, Automation Recruiting

Jamie started his staffing career with Spark Talent. He has played a role in both recruiting and account management where he serviced a diverse portfolio of industries and skill sets. Jamie’s hard work, dedication and passion for leadership has provided him with organic growth to a Director role. Currently Jamie oversees Spark’s Automation recruiting team, which is a team that is focused on recruiting and hiring niche positions within the industry. Professionally and personally, Jamie has a strong desire for helping others and is results-driven. Outside of work, Jamie is passionate for his family, a car enthusiast and enjoys working out and physical activity.


Alexa Garavaglia of Spark Talent

Alexa Garavaglia

Team Leader, Payroll

Alexa has been with Spark Talent for almost 4 years and has worn multiple hats since joining in 2015. She started her career supporting the front desk and administrative functions and has quickly advanced her career into other areas within our Team Member Experience Team. Currently she is the Team Leader of Payroll and oversees one of the most important functions of our business. Her strengths lie in process improvement, efficiency gains, technology enhancements and striving to ensure our team members are paid correctly! She is a tremendous team player and is always willing to provide support cross functionally.


Kristin LaPointe of Spark Talent

Kristin Scarth

Director of Recruiting & Development

Kristin has 5+ years of combined experience in sourcing, talent acquisition and personalized career services. She has a proven track record of placing qualified candidates for organizations nationally within the automotive, aerospace, construction and financial industries. Kristin is passionate about connecting candidates with the right employment opportunity using a personalized and thorough recruiting strategy.


CJ Olaniyan of Spark Talent

CJ Olaniyan

Team Leader, Recruiting

As a former Penn State University Football captain, CJ is a natural leader with a wealth of experience utilizing an individual’s strengths to build a strong, motivated unit. His teammates would describe him as dedicated, reliable and passionate about continuous self-improvement. When CJ is not at work, he enjoys coaching sports, traveling, spending time with his family and making a mean batch of homemade chocolate chip cookies.


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